Using old PCB software

I have program 30+ years old (TANGO PCB)
the apertures are in a report.TXT file <<<<< Not in top or bottom
top copper is .TOP
bottom copper is .BOT
the top mask is .SMK
bottom mask is .BMK
top silk is .SLK
drill is .NCD
can you work with this…

sorry I left one out board is .BRD

Hi @davea1000, welcome to the forum and thank you for your question.

I’m not familiar with that software program. I’d recommend uploading your gerber to see if the configurator accepts it. If it’s missing any necessary files, it will get rejected. Let me know if you have any further questions, thanks!


No it did not work
if anyone knows how to add the apertures to the copper files
then renaming the files, it may just work
PS we have never had any problems with any board house in the past
it’s simple copy paste in there software…

Unfortunately it’s probably not as easy as just adding the apertures to the gerber files. I believe the problem is that you have a RS-274D file set and the Digi-Key service requires a RS-274X file set. When I need to do that I use Pentalogix’s ViewMaster CAM software but that’s expensive and has a bit of learning curve.

This StackExchange answer says it can be done using KiCAD.