UVC (Deep Ultraviolet) LEDs


Recently there have been a uptick in the number of questions around UVC or Deep Ultraviolet LEDs. UVC has been gaining notoriety for uses in disinfecting water and sterilizing surfaces and air. I put together a few notes from questions that have been asked here at Digi-Key.

So, what is UVC?

The UV spectrum is generally divided into 4 parts. UVA which is from 315 nm to 400 nm, UVB which is 280 nm to to 315nm, UVC which is from 200 nm to 280 nm and VUV or UV Vacuum which is 100 nm to 200 nm.

Does Digi-Key carry and UVC LEDs?

Digi-Key has a selection of Ultraviolet LEDs, however only a small section fall in the UVC spectrum. Most of them border on the UVB spection. Click Here for a list of UV LEDs in the 200-280 nm range.

Will these work for sterilization?

This is where I have to bow out. The effectiveness of sterilization will depend on many calculations including power, time exposed and wavelength. You will need to do some research on this one. one place that has some general information on this is Wikipedia.

Is UVC safe?

Again I am not an expert so I will defer you to do you own research to see if you are able to work with these safely. Most applications will not be of concern. Here is an article from Klaran University that talks about UVC.
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