Will the VENT-PS1NBK-N8001 fit a 1/2 inch hole?

Hello lelias1324, welcome to the Forum Community! The outer diameter of the VENT-PS1NBK-N8001 is 17mm, so about .67 inches, a little over Β½ inch. The housing is smaller, so it should be just right for a Β½ hole. Here is a link to the drawing for all of the dimensions.

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Thank you. I look to use it as a breathable vent for my water tank.

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The vents here are designed for equalizing barometric pressure in electronics enclosures.

They might restrict the airflow too much for useful venting in a water tank.

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Hi @PaulHutch. Is it the size of the the vent or the product itself that would not make it useful for a vent on a small water tank?

The one im working with is only about 22 Gallons. Not a big tank.

It’s the flow rate of the vent.

The type of vent for electronic enclosures often has a Gore-Tex filter, or very tiny holes to keep the vent as watertight as possible.

It works fine for the miniscule air flow needed for barometric pressure equalization, but may slow draining on a water tank too much.

Your best bet is to buy a vent designed for water systems.

Thank you very much!