Air pump

Hello everyone!

I have a question about the item (Digi-Key Part Number:1890-1046-ND) which is a water pump. My question is to know if I can use it for air flow. If so, flow rate is still 2 L/min? Also can the flow rate be adjusted by changing the voltage?


Page 2 of the datasheet would suggest using air would not be feasible for the pump:

Rated Voltage: DC 12V
 Load: Water
 water absorption: 1L-1.2L/min
 Current(With load): Less than 320mA
 Flow : 2.0LPM
 Total Size : D27 x 75mm
 Water Hole Diameter: 6.5mm
 Maximum pressure : More than 360mmHg
 Noise:Less than <60dB
The specifications specifically say “water” as a load. The problem with air is volume can change despite the container that surrounds it while water has a set volume.

Hi Erdem,

Please verify if one of below will work for you. The flow can be adjusted by changing voltage to some degree since it is just a DC motor.
Click here for 1568-1344-ND | 1890-1035-ND

Thanks for your time.


Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your offer and I believe that will be totally fit to my aim. Once we decide how many we need to purchase, I will contact with you again.


Thanks Erdem, sounds great! Hope they work well for you.