5 volt submersible waterpump


5 Volt Submersible Water Pump How to power with battery


Hello, Dved.

Is there any other information available for this project? How deep is this pump being submerged, and for how long? What type of water is it being submerged in, and how much power are you hoping to provide? Is the battery being packaged in with the pump, or are you hoping to power the submerged pump from an above-water battery?



Please take a look at Digi-Key part number 1738-1398-ND. This is a water pump from DFRobot. This pump requires voltage ranging from 6 volts to 12 volts. I am not seeing anything that we have in stock that uses 5 volts.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this product.



Thanks for responding. We are new to site and have limited knowledge

This mini- submersible pump is part of a sophisticated outdoor camping battery operated shower system. Unfortunately the unit is out of warranty and we can not find anyone to repair it.

So we thought we could just purchase a kit or battery pack and just hardwire it to the pump. The pump is designed to be submerge in a bucket of water, water is pumped into the 12 volt powered controller which heats and regulates the temp and then pumps to a showerhead

The pump is pin connected to unit so there must be internal step down in voltage to the pump which we were told was 5 volt. The manufacturer wants us be buy another full unit which is quite pricey so is not eager to share info on how we can just wire and power the pump with our own battery

Any info on how to do this or what to buy or anyplace that does this work would be appreciated


All right.

In this case, I would ask how power is normally supplied to the pump. Does it have an internal battery pack that’s no longer working, or does it accept power externally from a battery rig, solar collector, or something else? Do you happen to have a web link to this shower system I can check out to try and improve my understanding of what it is you’re doing?



Thanks for sticking with me. I am searching for a web link that would help. The system is made by BOSS Battery Operated Shower System, the model is the top of the line XW 20 designed to be recharged by the vehicle battery

The pump is designed to be submerge in bucket of water, powered externally the BOSS 12 volt battery, but pump is not 12Volt, it appears to be 5 volt so I guess I am looking for a battery pack that would not burn out pump


Is the 12V battery connected directly to your shower assembly?

It’s quite possible that your 5V pump has some intervening circuitry designed to step down 12VDC from the vehicle battery to 5VDC, that’s a very common conversion and something that happens all the time with electronics designed to be driven from an automotive source. If so, then supplying the pump from a 5V source wouldn’t actually work very well, as the system overall is expecting a 12V input. That would be why I’m trying to get a sense of how this system is put together, figure out what the system is actually expecting.


If this is similar to the product you have a picture of this label would be helpful.