Brushless underwater thruster power supply

Hello I need help choosing the correct power supply for my project. I will be using 8 of these thrusters[1] and these drivers[2]. The specifications on the motors are:
voltage: 12-24v
current: 13A
power: 30-200W
motor kV: 600kV

Thank you for the help!



Power Supply stocking options
12~24VDC, 13A

Hi @miguel_delacruz ,

These are typically operated from a NiMh or LiPo battry so that there is no wire attached to it to a wall outlet based power supply. Is this going to be a stationary, or wire guided underwater vessel? If you need wireless and not tied to an outlet then you would use a battry instead of a power supply. A single motor lists up to 200 watts a piece, depending what speed you will run them at you may need at least 200W of power for each of the motors. Please let us know further about your application.

Hi miguel_delacruz,

I have a few questions for you before we can try to offer any useful feedback.

  • Can you explain more about your physical set-up?
  • Are you planning on using an AC-DC power supply to provide power to your motor driver(s) rather than batteries?
  • Do you plan on running cables from out of the water to your underwater system?
  • Have you considered safety issues if doing so?
  • What is your total power requirement?
  • How much surge current will your system draw?
  • Is your 13A spec your peak or steady-state current draw?
  • What is meant by “600kV motor”? I doubt it requires 600,000 volts.