Washable Tactile Switches

We get several calls about tactile switches and whether they are washable or not. To ensure the tactile switch you buy is washable we do have an option to select in our search parameters. Go to this list of tactile switches , click on the “More Filters” tab to expand the field, in the box listed as “Features” click to highlight “washable”

This will give you the list of washable switches ** as stated in the data sheets.** Are these the only switches we have that are washable, not necessarily, but if you look at any of the data sheets for these switches you will see information stating that these are, here’s a couple examples of how the data sheet may show this information:

The general rule of thumb I use when asked this question is, if the data sheet states the part is washable then it is, if I don’t find any information in the data sheet stating the part is washable I’m going to presume it isn’t and more research will need to take place in order to determine whether it is or not.

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