Tactile Switch Help.... please help

Hello everyone, I’m new to this Forum. I need some help identifying part # for Tactile Switch. The switch says “ITT and FRANCE” but no model # . So far I haven’t been able to pin point the right part # due to overwhelming options. This Tactile switch is for a Braun 5775 type 5724 electric shaver. Therefore needs to be waterproof. Sorry I couldn’t upload more pics since I’m a new member.
Thank you for your help. Cheers.

It’s very likely the switch is a custom made part for Braun, so a direct replacement won’t be available except from Braun.

Here’s a search for waterproof tactile switches around 7mm square.

You’ll need to check the data sheet dimensions to see if you can make any of those options fit in the shaver.

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Thank you for your reply Paul. I checked the link and their corresponding data sheet for dimensions and no luck. And the one that almost matches is not in stock. I forgot to mention that switch is a “through hole” application.

Hi Rams,

This could be C&K’s KSA series, although colors do not match (i.e. is custom made, as Paul anticipates).

Heke, Asamalab


I bet it is a KSA series switch with waterproofing added (the stock switches are only dustproof).


Welcome to the TechForum Rams.
The closest match I was able to find is CKN11048-ND, which is 7.40mm X 7.40mm. Again, it is not the same color, but it is listed as IP67 - Dust Tight, Waterproof.
Technical Reference Number for this inquiry is T4294217


Thank you Heke, appreciate your help. It sure look like the C&K’s KSA series. I ordered several models to be in the safe side. I’m sure one of them will work.

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Hi David, thank you for your help. I went ahead and placed an order. I measured the dimensions with digital caliper and they are very similar. Thanks again, Cheers. I will give an update once I receive switches.