Unknown tactile switch

I have been unable to find this 12x12mm 2 pin through hole momentary tactile switch. I have a piece of equipment that has long been EOL. I need to replace some tactile switches on the PCB but have been unable to find this particular pin arrangement. Does anyone know this switch part number

and whether it can be found in On-Off as well as momentary?

Hello @joseph.jacob,

Thank you for reaching out to our TechForum. I wasn’t able to identify that switch and find it in our system. I would need the specifications to try and find a possible alternative to it.

Hello @joseph.jacob,

The MTG Green series from Schurter Inc.. Take a look at the different options here, Switches | Tactile Switches | DigiKey

Looks like the Shurter MTG Green series might be a possibility. FWIW, I found these by filtering the tactile switch family by outline and (12x12mm and nearby) and through-hole mounting type, then looking at pictures.

As for sustained switching function (on-Off vs Off-Mom) that’s not especially common for tactile switches; they typically function by distorting a dome-shaped metallic diaphragm that acts as both an electrical contact and spring. In order to get a sustained switching function, some sort of mechanical latching mechanism would have to be added, which sort of ruins the simplicity of the the concept.

Thank you everyone for your input. These are indeed the MTG Green series. I was able to find a supplier once I had a series and manufacturer information.

Once again, this forum proves to be a fantastic resource.

Thank you again.