Best quality 6mm buttons?

Hello everyone! I would like to replace the common 6mm momentary, tactile button switches in my 3D printer with the best quality ones that I can. The switches in the Monoprice Mini Delta are used for auto-calibration and I’ve allready had to replace one. When I think about their quality and the fact that I am going to purchasing many more for classes, I feel like it would be a good idea to replace them all with something that would last a lot longer.

Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Like this one.

Thank you for your request.
The switch from Schurter 486-3465-ND is a good quality switch. It is rated to 100,000 cycles.
Another similar option we do have is from Apem. it is 679-2411-1-ND
Again this one also will have 100,000 cycles.

I hope this will help you out.

That led me to what I think I need. Thank you so much Paul!