Identify this small switch?

From a German vacuum cleaner remote control, manufactured ~2007.

I need a replacement or I need to buy the new model which does the same things for twice what I originally paid :roll_eyes:

thanks in advance!

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One measurement that would be very helpful, is the distance from the board, to the top of the button.
Click here for some close options.
679-2396-1-ND looks like a close match, but would be nice to verify the height. This one is 5mm tall.

~5.25mm from the board to top of button, not depressed.

I’ll check that out!

All of those are max 5.0mm… and mine is def a bit higher.

But looking at the button assembly design, I have a feeling it can work. I’ll try some thanks!

Click here for all the 5.00mm tall switches.
We do not have anything else that is taller (5.25mm) in that size of body.

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Oh - of course I can solder it with a shim to a higher level. :slight_smile: thanks !