Can anyone help me identify this switch

Hello @Just-enough-leash

Can you tell me the function of the switch? Is it just a momentary action while pressed. Also did the part originally have 4 leads? It is hard to tell from the picture of the bottom of the part.


Based on the photos and a few assumptions, you might be looking at a product similar to these [ Tactile Switches ], but it would be difficult to find the original part number for your switch.

As Robert noted, we don’t know the function of your switch, but the products in the link are Off-Mom which means that the circuit activated by the switch is normally off (not connected) until you hold down the switch. It is on only while you hold down the switch. That is a common type, but you would have to compare that to what function your switch was performing.

Also, I was assuming that the ruler showed 16/64 (0.25 inch), so I converted that to approximately 6.3mm for the body. I found results for 6.3 x 6.3 and 6.3 x 6.2. There are a few choices for the actuator height. You would still have to compare the drawings to your actual switch dimensions–especially the terminal spacing. One of them might be close to match the original solder pads.

The switch came out of a vapor canister on a 2004 Dodge Intrepid yes it used to have for leads and I do believe it was a momentary on I believe the gram force is around 40g to 42g

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Thank you for the extra details. I think that opens things up to other options if you can’t find the exact tactile switch as long as you consider voltage, current, and the Off-Momentary function. In other words, you may be able to move beyond a tactile switch if you have a bit of automotive electronics ingenuity.

Regarding a replacement using a tactile switch, though, you should try to match the exact layout of the solder terminals to the existing solder pads–if those pads are still viable. It looks like there was considerable damage, so I’m not sure how well you can solder in a new part.

I copied an example of a diagram, below, from the previous list. I’m not saying it has the exact current rating or dimensions that you need, but you can see that the distance between terminals, the width of the case body, etc., are important for placing a new part so that the terminals can be soldered to the existing pads. The gf value shouldn’t be too critical for this application, but be sure that the actuator height isn’t too high (how much room for your finger, more or less).