External waterproofing boot/button for tactile switch

I’m trying to find compact component(s) that pushes on internal tactile switch, but which seals to enclosure. Is this strictly a custom part, or is there something generally available? I’ve attached photos of an example from a flashlight.
I thank you in advance.

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Items like that tend to swing rather hard toward the custom side of things in my experience; there are an awful lot of dimensional dependencies in any given application, and not a whole lot of standardization to make production of such as standard products something that’s viable from a business standpoint. If you’re interested for prototype purposes, there are castable elastomer products available these days that might allow a person to fabricate their own.

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What we carry in a boot
nothing for tactile but you could go custom with several suppliers NKK, E-Switch, APEM inc. and one I would try first APM Hexseal.

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Thank you for your replies. All of the non tactile switches/boots seem either large or deep/tall. Do you know offhand the thinnest switch Digikey has that might be waterproofable?

Hello, we do carry they IP67 rated push buttons that are made for 6.5mm cutouts: https://www.digikey.com/short/zjz1p1. Would this be thing enough?

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Thanks for that Jeri. Unfortunately, much too big for my application (height primarily). It’s okay though, I’ve decided to design my own boot/button/cap (what is the proper name?). It’s what’s best.
I appreciate your help though.