Pressing on a tactile switch inside a waterproof enclosure?

I am trying to find the term for a type of component that can press on a pushbutton inside a waterproof enclosure. Since my PCB is not located near the enclosure, I can’t just let the push button protrude. I need to find a component that can be pushed by the user which in turn pushes a pushbutton on the PCB. Is there a term for this type of component? I think it might be plunger but I am not sure.

In most electronics I’ve seen, the device is enclosed in an enclosure with holes cut out for a piece of plastic that can be depressed to make contact with a push-button. That piece of plastic must contain some sort of shoulder/lip so that it doesn’t fall through the enclosure hole.

What is the industry term for this type of component? Is that something I can find off-the-shelf?

Hi Alexlesuper, as of now I am not aware of any accessory like that, to my understanding a solution would be custom designed according to the application. However, in a pinch one could just simply add like an adhesive 3M bumper to the back of your enclosure switch or to the front of your tactile.

or if possible one would just need to custom make something along the way in the design process or perhaps just redesign using a tactile with a long actuator (EG2505-ND).

I am also requesting some advice from our product manager to see if perhaps there is an accessory that I do not know about.

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what is the distance from your panel to PCB?

Approximately 15mm/600mils.

Have a look at these, You will need the dimensions from the board to the panel to select an appropriate option.

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Thanks a lot for the guidance!