NKK Toggle Switch Boots for M, P, S, WT Series

NKK M, P, S, & WT Series Toggle Switches work with below boots.

Black Silicone Rubber Splashproof Boot Assembly, M12x1 Full Boot 14.8mm Height

AT4181 (360-3019-ND)

Black Nitrile Butadiene Rubber for Oil Resistance, M12x1 Half Boot IP65 - Dust Tight, Oil and Water Resistant 10mm Height

AT401A (360-1605-ND)

Black Silicone Rubber for Flexibility, Resilience, and Tensile Strength over Wide Temperature Range, M12x1 Half Boot Environment Sealed 10mm Height

AT401S (360-2981-ND)

Gray Ethylene Propylene Rubber for Dust & Ozone Resistance, M12x1 Half Boot Dust Proof 10mm Height

AT401H (360-3712-ND)

Boot seats over supplied Hex Nut. Hex Nut tightens O-ring against Panel. Click Here for replacement 12.1mm O-ring AT401P (360-1719-ND).


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