Webinar: The Easy Way to Industrial Internet of Things, from Data to Value


Webinar Date: March 16, 2023

The Easy Way to Industrial Internet of Things, from Data to Value

This post covers Key Takeaways and Frequently Asked Questions from the Weidmuller The Easy Way to Industrial Internet of Things, from Data to Value webinar regarding Internet of Things in an industrial environment. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, you’ll find plenty of valuable information watching the webinar. Links to the Webinar, Resources, and Related Content are provided within the post. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation will be provided for customers that register to watch the recorded webinar. All Snippets and Content Compliments of Weidmuller.

Key Takeaways

  • Industry 4.0 translates data into information
  • Digitalization is going from “Paper reports” to “No paper”
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is getting information that every consumer needs in their hand
  • Benefits of IIoT include energy efficiency, remote access to machines and systems, product quality monitoring, calculate overall equipment efficiency, predictive maintenance, automatically detecting machine errors, and improving operational effectiveness
  • u-control web offers simple programming of control and IoT applications through web browser
  • u-control codesys offers advanced programming of control and IoT applications through u-create studio via codesys
  • IoT Gateway 30 is a Universal Edge Gateway with LTE mobile communication, web based
  • Edge PCs offer PCI/PCIe interfaces for fieldbus cards
  • Wide range of hardware for data & signal acquisition in the field such as Remote I/O, Energy meter, Signal converters, u-sense sensors, and Power Management
  • Data Pre-processing for pre-processing data locally
  • Data Communication for reliable transport of data
  • Secure range of industrial data communication solutions such as Gateways, Switches, Security router, Industrial WiFi, & u-link
  • Unmanaged Ethernet Switches are a cost effective solution for Plug & Play devices for small networks
  • Managed Switches offer features for all requirements
  • Dual SIM WLAN/Cellular Router is Verizon certified and supports AT&T carriers, OpenVPN for secured network connection, & PoE power input available with 1KV isolation
  • The devices can be used in a variety of applications including IP-Routing, Firewalling, IP address management (NAT), Secured VPN connections, & Ethernet/Serial data conversion
  • VPN offers communication security such as verified sender and content, along with multiple strong encryptions
  • Easy creation of VPN tunnels with u-link, no forwarding or public IP’s needed
  • Save time and money with u-link Remote Access Service and increase customer satisfaction
  • Data Analysis offers individual platform-independent services for your specific application with the cloud platforms, consolidation and analysis of resource and energy usage through resource management, generates maximum added value from data based on artificial intelligence using Industrial Analytics, fast worldwide service without the need of in-depth IT knowledge with the Remote Access u-link

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a manufacturer move towards digitalization 4.0?

  • The first step is to analyze the main processes that need improvement, whether that is energy management, remote access maintenance or another problem area.

Does your router support other features such as NAT or firewall?

  • Yes, the routers have servers with web base.

Do you have layer 3 managed switches in your portfolio?

  • Yes, both DIN and rack mount.

Is a subscription needed for u-link?

  • Yes, the user needs to subscribe and create a u-link account, but they can have a free basic license for 90 days. If the user purchases our routers and u-link there is no licensing cost for using u-link. There is no limitation in terms of speed, data, or number of devices in the u-link platform.

Can your IP VPN routers interface with other suppliers IP routers as well?

  • I never have tried that, but I’m assuming that should work but I will try it.

Does u-link have any limitations in terms of speed in traffic?

  • No, there is no limitations in terms of bandwidth or speed.

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Example Webinar Slides

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