Weight of Cable

Hello! I am wondering what the weight of part number 30-01939 would be? It doesn’t have any information on weight in the datasheet. Thanks!


I can request this information. It may take some time as it is not on-hand to weigh.

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That sounds good! Thanks. Do you know if there is a resource/reference that is legitimate for determining wire weight based on the guage value?

There maybe. However you would also have to add in the weight of the rest of the materials.

Correct. I am also looking at the same type of cable but 30 and 24 guage, so was also wondering how the weight would change for these different values.

I would recommend looking for “weight of bare copper wire”
There are a few places that seem to list that data.

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However I could not get most of the links to work for me.

It looks like
32 ~0.191lbs/1000ft
30 ~0.303
24 ~1.22
For just the copper

Sweet thanks. I’ll wait to hear back from you about the weight of the entire cable and go from there. Thanks!

Tensility said, “I’m showing a weight of about 2.1 kg (4.6 lb) for that part. ”