What Connector is this?

I have this connector and need to replace it. Just wondering if there is any advice as to what it might be. Thanks.

I am wondering how to describe it best to be able to refine my search to a couple instead of a couple thousand. Any good suggestions? I have the 5-pin, round, but the locking/latch type is confusing to describe.

That would appear to me to be a 5-pin DIN style circular connector with some custom overmolding–I don’t know that it’d be a standard part you’d find anywhere, but depending on the application a person might be able to get by with a more standard DIN connector and some suitable heat shrink tube to hold stuff together.

“free hanging” would also be a term/criteria that could be used to narrow things down. This would be the short list I’d look at for such.

Thank you for your help. This has been an adventure so far trying to narrow things down. Sincerely appreciate it.

Din connector 5position it just the over mold not sure what manufacture design that , try to find a name on that part