What do the Digi-Key suffixes TR, CT, DKR, and ND mean?

Digi-Key offers many products in full manufacturer tape and reel quantities as well as smaller quantities for prototyping and engineering purposes. To help identify how you will get your parts Digi-Key has added internal suffixes. For this example I will use Microchip Technology part ATTINY88-MUR.


ATTINY88-MURTR-ND - “TR” stands for full manufacturer tape and reel. In this instance, it would be a 6,000 piece reel.


ATTINY88-MURCT-ND - “CT” stands for cut tape. Digi-Key will take the full manufacturer reel and cut off a strip of parts based on the quantity that the customer orders.

NOTE Digi-Key tries to ship in one strip when possible however, if you require your order to be one continuous strip, this should be requested at the time you place your order.


ATTINY88-MURDKR-ND - “DKR” stands for Digi-Reel. This is a Digi-Key custom service where we attach an 18 inch leader and trailer to a standard cut tape strip and wind it on a new reel . This gives customers an option to order quantities in less than full manufactures standard packages and retain a streamlined process for pick and place assembly. Digi-Key offers Digi-Reels in 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, and 56mm widths. The leader and trailer for the Digi-Reel will match the original tape width.

NOTE A $7.00 reeling fee will be applied to each reel ordered. Digi-Reels are a custom product and are non-cancelable and non-returnable.


“ND” once stood for “No Discount” back when the paper catalog displayed a listing of discount percentages based on quantity. Today, “-ND” has become a Digi-Key signature allowing people to know that a listed part number is available at Digi-Key. Many times the part numbers are the manufacturer’s part number with a simple -ND added to the end.

Digi-Key part numbering -1, -2, -5, & -6 suffixes
There are some part numbers that Digi-Key assigns a completely different part number to such as Panasonic part AGN200A03. This part is available on tape and reel as well as in a Tube and you will see it listed under part numbers 255-1504-5-ND, 255-1504-1-ND, 255-1504-2-ND and 255-1504-6-ND. Now you may be asking what is the differences in the suffixes for these part numbers. In fact they are all the exact same part and the suffix is calling out the packaging just as the CT, TR, and DKR listed above.
-1 is calling out cut tape.
-2 is calling out Full tape and reel
-6 is calling out cut tape on a Digi-Reel
-5 is calling out the tube part number

what is “cut strip” how does it differ from “cut tape”

You will not notice a difference in packaging for a “cut strip” vs “cut tape.” It is generally an indication that these parts are pre-cut into strips either at a manufacturer level or at Digi-Key prior to an order being placed by a customer.

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The -ND suffix dates back to the time in the 1970s when Digi-Key offered a “volume discount” based on overall order size, rather than on purchasing large quantities of individual components. Discounts ranged from 10% on orders over $100 to 25% on orders over $1000. Items suffixed -ND did not qualify for the overall order discount.

For instance, see the ad on page 93 of the July 1979 issue of Popular Electronics in the Internet Archive. https://ia600708.us.archive.org/34/items/197907PopularElectronics/197907%20Popular%20Electronics.pdf