What Does My F3SG-RE Series Light Curtain from OMRON Include?

When you purchase your F3SG-RE series light curtain from Omron Automation and Safety, according to the datasheet (as seen below) standard brackets and one cable will be included with your purchase.


If you are interested in the other mounting brackets mentioned in the table above or need extra standard brackets please use the following links.

F39-LGF Standard
F39-LGA Standard Adjustable
F39-LGTB Top/Bottom Adjustable
F39-LGTB-1 Top/Bottom Adjustable (For user-made
mounting part)


F39-GCNY1 (Y joint)
Circular Cable Assemblies (connector to bare wires)
Circular Cable Assemblies (connector to connector)

Spatter Protection Covers:
Please use the chart below to determine which cover you need and the link to access the covers we have available. If you need a cover we do not currently carry please contact quotes@digikey.com to see if we can order it for you.

Spatter Protection Covers

For the laser pointer for help with coarse beam adjustment: