What is a PPTC Fuse?

Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient
PPTC is a Polymeric type of resettable fuse. PPTC devices are secondary protection devices and are used solely for sporadic, accidental over-current or over-temperature error condition, and shall NOT be used if or when constant or repeated fault conditions (such fault conditions may be caused by, among others, incorrect pin-connection of a connector) or over-extensive trip events may occur.

·PPTC devices are different from fuses and, when a fault condition occurs, will go into high-resistance state and do not open circuit, in which case the voltage at such PPTC devices may reach a hazardous level.

·Operation over the maximum rating or other forms of improper use may cause failure, arcing, flame and/or other damage to the PPTC devices.

·Conductive material contamination, such as metal particle, may induce shortage, flame or arcing.

·Due to the inductance, the operation circuits may generate a circuit voltage (Ldi/dt) above the rated voltage of PPTC devices, which shall not be used under such circumstances.

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