What is Bosch Sensortec BMA253's Surge Current?

This post will cover frequently a frequently asked question about the BMA253 part from Bosch Sensortec.

What is the surge/inrush current of BMA253 before it stabilizes?

  1. There is inrush current during powering up of the BMA253, and the current depends on the system characterization. For example, inrush current(~1.1mA, last for 800us) of BMA253 can be seen during power up of VDD at 3.3V, with 100nF decoupling capacitor between VDD & GND .

  2. No inrush current when switch BMA253 from suspend mode to normal mode, the current consumption jumps to directly to a level(~150uA) upon enabling normal mode.

All information was provided by Bosch Sensortec’s Forum.