What is the contact resistance capability of high-capacity power relays?

The increase in heat generated by the equipment becomes an issue when the capacity and the current of the application become higher. Heat generation shortens the life of equipment, requiring cooling mechanisms such as fans and heat sinks. Using a cooling mechanism leads to larger equipment and higher costs. One of the factors that causes equipment to generate heat is the relays mounted on the PCB inside the equipment.

The contact resistance of a typical high-capacity relay is 100 mΩ. OMRON, however, also offers a lineup of high-capacity relays with ultra-low contact resistance as low as 0.2 mΩ, contributing to lower heat generation in equipment. The graphs below compare the rated and actual values of contact resistance. Please check them as a reference when designing.

OMRON guarantees the rated value, not the actual performance.


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Easy-to-understand explanations of the unknowns when using high-capacity power relays

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