What is the proper name for these cutting connectors?

I’m looking to replace the orange portion with a PCB ideally. It’d be ideal if there was a surface mount, high density package that already is lined up like the image, but I’m ok with doing the spacing myself if there’s a price saving or lack of availability for the high density option.


That style of termination is called IDC “insulation displacement connector”. If you have the number of that connector in the picture we can always try looking for a board mount option.

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Thanks! I don’t see any PCB mountable options for IDCs quite yet, but I’ll keep looking. Here’s the SKU: NK5E88MIWY

and the digikey link: NK5E88MIWY Panduit Corp | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

I also don’t actually need the RJ45 interface if there’s a board mountable option with the IDCs lined up.

IDC (insulation displacement connector), is for mounting to insulated wires, and not for mounting on a PCB. We do not have a circuit board to replace the inside of this connector.

Apologies, I never know which direction to talk about with connectors since they do both sides. I’d be looking for insulated wire → IDC+SMD → PCB. Looks like there’s stuff out there like this guy: 009175002002906 KYOCERA AVX | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

So you just want to connect wires to a PCB?

You want to use IDC connections on the wire?
Why? (they require special tools and are picky about the specific wire used)

Normally people use wire to board connector systems to connect wires to PCB’s.

For lowest cost and highest reliability, directly soldering the wires to the PCB is the most common option. (every connector is a long term failure point)

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Thanks for the interest Paul. Yes and no, I want to connect wires to a PCB in as small of a form factor as possible that is as streamlined as possible for a specific application ( unfortunately that application is under NDA ). That specific application has consistent wires though - which is why I’m currently leaning towards an IDC setup where our enclosure hopefully can satisfy the need for the special tools.

I agree that soldering is the best option for longevity; however, with our application, ease of in the field installation is paramount.

Do you know of any other options that are as small and can be streamlined as the IDC for wire to board connectors? I personally don’t know of any. My brain goes to screw terminals and other options that require crimping. Screw terminals are too large and crimping will be too complicated for the field installation.

There are products in the wire-to-board rectangular connector family here which may be of interest.

swym_staff, we also have simple “Poke-In” SMD connectors, that would not require a tool to install the wires. Click here for these possible options. Each will have a specific wire awg range that they will work with.

Thanks! I’ll check them out.

Thanks David,

Those are rather interesting. They could be an even better option as well!