What is the replacement for EOL'd Molex 51004-0400

Hi, curious if someone can advise the equivalent replacement to Molex 51004-0400 which seems to be no longer available. color doesn’t matter. Ideally using the same contacts, 0500118000


According to the Molex site they offer 0510650400 as a replacement. It does not look like 0500118000 is listed as a contact though.


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to DigiKey.

In regards to your question on the replacement to 51004-0400 I was able to find part # 0510650400 as the replacement per the MFG part page. I am including a link for reference to the MFG part page where I found this information, as well as a link to the DigiKey part page with the replacement part.
Molex Connector Part Number - 51004-0400

0510650400 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

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