What is the replacement

What is the replacement for ATMHK218 24C02N SU27D

Hello @Buzzme and welcome to the forum. So far, I’m not seeing any confirmation on that part number, do you happen to have any more information on it, perhaps a data sheet, specifications, or alias part number?

As of yet, I’m unable to identify a replacement due to the lack of information, but if we could identify this part we would have a better chance of finding the replacement.

Thank you!

The similar MPN: AT24C02N-10SC was in the past produced from Atmel and after the acquisition in 2016 by Microchip Technology this IC EEPROM 2kbit I²C 400kHz in 8SOIC was Obsoleted in the meantime. The fully backward compatible actual version AT24HC02C-SSHM-B should be the closest replacement with wide voltage supply range and capable bus clock speed up to 1MHz.


Thanks so much for all your help :slight_smile: