What is this chip on my 3W laser?

Greetings! I’ve let the magic smoke out of (at least) one of the chips on the controller board for the 3W laser that goes with my CNC router. The intended function is that it receives a Vcc, Gnd, and a PWM signal telling it how much power to run the laser at. I draw your attention to the chip labeled “U1”. I was able to put it under my little USB microscope and, by shining light upon it from different angles and trying to compensate for the blistered surface, the lettering seems to be something like:

  • D5211h
  • D52Nh
  • D52A1h

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello @jemenake and welcome to the forum. I did some searching but unfortunately haven’t found anything so far. Sounds like this is used for power management or as a driver? Do you have any additional details on the IC’s function?

The chip marking D5241C is QX5241 (Manufacturer “Qxmd”).
QX5241.pdf (410,7 КБ)
is QX5241.



Quite correct! I ordered a replacement laser and, even though it was 5 years between purchases, this had the exact same controller board, and the marking on the chip was, indeed, 5241a. Many thanks!


You are Welcome! :+1:

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