What kind of switch is a DIP switch?


What kind of switch is a DIP switch?



DIP switches are miniature switches that are mounted onto PCBs and used to make settings on electronic devices.

Their name comes from having the same shape and array of terminals found in integrated circuits (dual inline package), so it is abbreviated to DIP.



DIP Switches are categorized as setting switches, and the setting conditions are output as ON/OFF signals.

Omron’s DIP switches have the following features;

Small Size Low Profile The standard size is 2.54 mm for the distance between neighboring terminals (pitch), and 3.5 mm for the height. We have also been able to miniaturize this down to a half pitch of 1.25 mm.
High Contact Reliability DIP Switches are only used to change settings and therefore are not manipulated often. We have designed our DIP Switches with the optimal materials and mechanisms to maintain high contact reliability.
Automatic Mounting We utilize the same packaging as other components (stick, taping, etc.) so that the same mounting equipment can be used for automatic mounting.

Typical application examples for DIP switches are shown below.

Mode Settings for Factory Automation and Industrial Equipment

Temperature controllers, servo controllers, and other factory automation control devices
Automatic mounting machines


Specifications Settings for PC Peripherals and Communications Equipment

PC and modem PCBs


For more information, visit DIP switch definition.


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