What OS Comes with the VersaLogic Owl Embedded Processor Units?

Our company is interested in purchasing two VersaLogic Owl VL-EPU-4012-EDP-08X-32 embedded processor units. What OS (if any) is loaded on these units and will be booted on initial power-up?

here is a link that should help in your question for this part. Owl - x86 Embedded Computer | VersaLogic

and here is info on the OS VersaLogic Operating System Compatibility Chart

Thank you for the prompt response! Can you suggest a good fan/thermal management solution for the VersaLogic Owl?

From the same link Robert gave, it looks like they recommend the following:

VL-HDW-416 heat sink
VL-HDW-415 fan

Thanks for all the information. Regards, Ralph Scronce

Do you have any idea when you’ll have the VL-CKR-BB12 Cable Kit Raven EPU-3312 back in stock? Thanks.

For lead times and availability you will need to check with our sales staff.
You can call 800-344-4539 or send an email to orders@digikey.com to ask for more details of lead times.