What Software to use for the Syntiant TinyML

Syntiant TinyML (Tiny Machine Learning) Development Board is a platform for building low-power voice, acoustic event detection (AED) and sensor ML applications. Equipped with the ultra-low-power Syntiant® NDP101 Neural Decision Processor, the TinyML board provides native neural network computation for the most demanding applications in the lowest power envelope.

The onboard microphone and BMI160 sensor enable easy configuration for any speech, AED or 6 axis motion- and vibration-related application. Trained models can be easily downloaded on the TinyML board through a micro-USB connection without the need for any specialized hardware. The board is shipping with an “Alexa play music” model.

What software do I use for the TinyML?

Syntiant collaborates with Edge Impulse. Edge Impulse supports the TinyML with opensource software and firmware. You’ll be able to sample raw data, build models, and deploy trained embedded machine learning models directly from the Edge Impulse studio. Edge Impulse provides an in-depth guide to getting started.
It is also hosted on GitHub.

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