Where can I find mounting frames for NKK switches?


I’m looking at switch caps like the AT4157A. Its data sheet (https://www.nkkswitches.com/pdf/MrockersFlatFrame.pdf), page 87, mentions a mounting frame for attaching the paddle to the switch.

Where on Digi-Key’s site can I find this to order it?

Thank you.


Welcome to the Technical Forum. Do you mean the Panel frames? It appears we do carry two of them . They are the AT064-1 and the AT064-2. Here is the link:

We also do carry one of the mounting kits with part number ATHK-2. Here is the link :

I don’t think that’s it. The plastic paddle is supposed to snap into a metal frame. You can see it on page 87 (which is the 5th page of the PDF file https://www.nkkswitches.com/pdf/MrockersFlatFrame.pdf). There are two different frames, TN or TY, for different paddle widths.

Do you have the part number of the switch you need? I looked up the M series and just pulled one the TN series switches. It is M2012TNW03-DA-ND.

Can you explain what this is missing for the frame? I am just confused as they are not providing any additional part numbers on the data sheet.

What I want is to use the paddle AT4157A, and I’ll get whichever switch goes with it.

My impression is you buy an NKK toggle switch, a mounting frame for the paddle, and the paddle itself.

But then, at the link you sent me, it looks like DK sells those three components under a single part number. Which is fine, except that you don’t have the combination I want. That’s no surprise: there are a zillion permutations of switches and paddles!

So I’m back to wanting to buy each piece separately. You sell the switches separately, and the paddles separately. All I need is the mounting frames!

What mounting frame do you need? I would need to request the part number from the Product Manager as there is nothing listed on the data sheet.

The data sheet just calls it a TY frame.

The ATHK-2 standoff kit is part number ATHK-2-ND, for the TY frame with which the '4157 actuator is compatible. This would be the “mounting hardware kit” referenced on page 87, and really is just a collection of pretty standard hardware a person could procure individually. (Edit: the “frame” is a reference to the format of the switch itself, not a separate item.)

You’d do well to consult the part number decoder on page 85; there are a variety of options available, some of which would appear to incorporate your desired actuator.

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Thank you! That link shows me what I’m looking for!

Here’s something weird on the Digi-Key search engine:

Go to https://www.digikey.com/short/djzvm5w3?_ga=2.99208542.1963066100.1671978980-271635448.1666283856&_gac=1.149070404.1672248877.CjwKCAiA9qKbBhAzEiwAS4yeDRliYSk24talq0fzwgdYv6jgfv6_MpkwwI_FNSmOHs_noJp0pDc87xoCtwoQAvD_BwE&s=N4IgjCBcoKwCwyqAxlAZgQwDYGcCmANCAPZQDaIAzAAwDsAnAByMgC6RADgC5QgDKXAE4BLAHYBzEAF8iAWgjQQqSJlyES5KgDZqbGSFlwkS9NnxFSkCjC1659Y8qEBXdZYoRWU-bcXCAJrzy1LqcPJAgIERcAJ4ceLwYOKjeQA

Sort by Mfr Part #, and the fifth item will be a M2012TYW01, with 82 units in stock.

Then, select the In Stock filter and apply it. The M2012TYW01 is not included in the results!

Is that a web site bug?

It would appear to be an artifact of how the available stock is accounted for; notice will be sent to appropriate parties.

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