Where could I learn more about IoT

The internet of things (IoT) is a buzzword that has been used in several industries over the last few years. Many questions arise regarding to what the internet of things is and what its implications are for our daily lives. The “Internet of Things” is a collection of devices that are connected to one another and can exchange data with one another. A sensor in a remote location can tell a server in an office what the temperature is at the sensor. This can be done wirelessly using several different technologies like Bluetooth, Cellular, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Sigfox, and many others.
IoT is a broad topic and hopefully some of the information here will help some of the readers broaden their understanding of IoT concepts. Here is a list of places that can hopefully help shed some light on IoT technologies, applications, and products that can used on the internet of things.

Silicon Labs:
The Wireless Protocols Tying Together the Internet of Things (need to make account to view this one)

  • Covers the following:
    o Sub-GHz Wireless
    o Wi-Fi (802.11)
    o Bluetooth
    o Zigbee
    o Z-Wave
    o Thread

Wireless Learning Center

  • Covers the following:
    o Bluetooth
    o Bluetooth 5.0
    o Bluetooth Beacons
    o Bluetooth Mesh
  • Mesh Networking
     Thread
     Zigbee 3.0
     Bluetooth Mesh
     Z-Wave
  • Wireless Technology
     Mesh Performance
     Multiprotocol
     Wi-Fi Coexistence
    Wireless and RF Solutions
  • List of Zigbee / Thread / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / Proprietary / Z-Wave / Multiprotocol products. Most of these will be stocking at Digi-Key or can be a non-catalog order.

IoT Solutions Page

  • Covers NXP’s “Smart Things”, “Connected Things”, and “Secure Things” portfolios

Blog page for articles

  • Several articles relating to IoT topics

Analog Devices:



Sierra Wireless:


  • Featured Resources
    o Contains Videos, eBooks, and case studies (need to register for these and they are emailed to you)





  • Understanding the Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT)
    o Covers financial implications of IoT applications and addresses some challenges
    While Digi-Key’s vendors have a lot of information relating to IoT topics, it is good to mention that several other groups should be mentioned that can be great sources of learning.

Bluetooth SIG: https://www.bluetooth.com/
LoRa Alliance: https://www.lora-alliance.org/
Sigfox: Home - Sigfox 0G Technology
Z-Wave: http://www.z-wave.com/
Thread: https://www.threadgroup.org/

In addition to these resources, Digi-Key now offers an IoT Resource Center that has different IoT products, technologies, development platforms, and more!

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