Which model is recommended to detect transparent objects with a reflective type Optical Sensor?


Which model is recommended to detect transparent objects with a reflective type Optical Sensor?



Try to use light convergent reflective type Optical Sensor B5W-LB series for transparent object detection.



B5W-LB series are light convergent reflective type sensors using Omron’s original optical lens, which are combined with 4-toroidal lens design. As these sensors can provide stable sensing with a small amount of reflected light, even black papers and transparent plates can be detected in the wide sensing range. B5W-LB series sensors also will not detect any highly reflective background positioned beyond the sensor’s sensing area.



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B5W-LB series have optical characteristics to capture direct reflection light from an object. Due to its optical design, the output voltage will greatly depend on the angle, so it’s necessary to consider the sensor’s mounting angle, particularly when detecting glossy objects. For glossy objects, the sensor should basically be mounted at a right angle to the objects. Please refer to “Angle characteristics” (reference value) in the data sheet. According to the data, vertical mounting instead of horizontal is preferable in an angular fluctuation of the glossy objects.


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