Which profile socket do I need?

Please advise about the required profile socket single row for the Mill Max pin header 850-10-050-10-001000. Thanks

Scroll down to almost the very bottom of the product page, linked below, and you should find 11 mating products listed/linked.

Hello j.gigg
Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Here are the mating connectors listed for part 850-10-050-10-001000 . Part ED8450-ND , 85199-05010001000-ND or ED90265-ND. Paul H. has the mates listed for part 800-10-005-10-001000

Great thanks Paul - feeling a bit dim not to have seen those!

Your welcome, I’m paying it forward because I also never noticed the “mating products” listings until somebody else here pointed them out.

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