Why can't I simply import an image from my local computer?


I have a .png file on my local computer. When I choose Import it wants me to visit a URL. Why? I don’t maintain a website of images. I have one on my local computer. Would it not be obvious to allow people to import an image from their local computer before offering the option of going to some URL?




Can anyone help on this subject?

Thank you


Hello @BBlair,

Unfortunately there is not a current option to directly upload your pictures into Scheme-it, though I know there are some discussions on how we can do this in the future. (I believe there are some security concerns with the direct uploads they are trying to address)

There are however some services online such as imgbb.com that do allow you to upload your images and will supply you with a url. You would then be able to upload into your schematic.

Thank you


I just wanted to share this as well, with file uploads we don’t know about size and contents of the files. This can get too large for us to handle along with the security issues. For the moment we have opted on the side of allowing images that are hosted on a picture hosting site. This alleviates both the security and size issues for any files imported.
We are discussing how we can limit the size of images while still giving the customer a good image to work with. We will share if any changes are made.


Hi Robert,

This sounds good except I can’t figure out how to use it!

So I created an account with imgbb.com and uploaded an image. They then want me to provide an image URL after I’ve already uploaded it. Huh?! I don’t know what that is supposed to be! Your Scheme-it software ALSO wants the image URL!

What is the image URL?!?!


Without creating an account you should be able to click upload.
Then browse from your computer
When uploaded it should show you your url


Hi Robert,

Thanks. Yes, I wasn’t actually hitting upload because it was already showing the image so I thought it WAS uploaded.

However, now when I copy and paste the URL into Scheme-it and press Link, I get:

“Invalid image url”

I would show you a screenshot but I can’t figure out how to insert an image into this reply.


Here is the actual link:


try this link



Ok, that worked, except that half the image is actually missing, and its resolution is reduced.


Sorry that was the thumbnail version.


This should work. I uploaded it.

It is the link only out of the BBC code under Embed codes section.


If you copy the BBCode it gives you this.


you only need this portion


Ok, perfect! Thanks so much Robert! I’ll refer to this post in the future (to remember how to parse imgbb’s links), with other images I wish to add later.

Thanks also for responding so quickly. I’ve only just started using Scheme-it and it seems so easy, but then to be stopped by this image problem quickly became frustrating.

Thanks again!