Drawing Limitation

I’ve made a few drawings using Scheme-it. It does what I need. The latest drawing I’m working on seems to have reached a limit on items on the sheet because it won’t save. Can you advise on such limitations. I can add a component and it will save but it won’t save after I add another text box.

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Does anyone know if the answer to this one?

The Scheme-it team is working on an answer. We will post once we are sure of a solution.

The drawing in my list is called “Droop-Isoch Transfer” in case you need to try replicating the problem.

We can replicate the problem. I can share that it is not a limitation on parts or number of items in the project or sheet since there is no limit imposed.
We are checking why the text box is not being allowed through during the save process. The team is still working on a solution.
Sorry for this taking so long, this issue doesn’t seem to reside with the tool but in the save processes. This spans several teams and is taking a bit of coordination. Thanks for your patience while we continue to define the exact issue.

@paul Can you check and let us know if this is now working?

Really appreciate the time and effort spent to solve the problem and I can confirm the problem is now fixed for the drawing I was working on.
Much appreciated and thanks again.

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