8 pages limitation

Is there any way to make more then 8 pages in one schematic?

Hello ravikg01,

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Iā€™m not aware of a way to expand the amount of pages for a schematic in Scheme-it.
Maybe one of the Engineers, that are familiar with the program, can add their knowledge to this post.

IMHO, for any diagram more than a few pages long your time is better spent learning a more powerful tool than Scheme-it.

I suggest:
For electrical diagrams, KiCAD https://www.kicad.org/
For other diagrams (block, flowchart, network, etc.), LibreOffice Draw https://www.libreoffice.org/discover/draw/



First, thank you for being a Scheme-it user, we definitely appreciate your using our tool.

Unfortunately, Scheme-it is limited to 8 pages at this time.

Thank you again for using Scheme-it.