WIZnet W7500/W7500P Microcontroller

When you look for the WIZnet W7500/W7500P Microcontroller, its part numbers support the S2E version.

S2E stands for Serial to Ethernet. The W7500/W7500P-S2E is a chip product that has the firmware programmed in the WIZnet W7500 / W7500P MCU. This product includes the latest ‘WIZ750SR serial to Ethernet module’ firmware, widely used in many various applications around the world

WIZnet’s ‘Serial to Ethernet’ product is a protocol converter that transmits data sent by your serial equipment as TCP/IP data and converts the TCP/IP data received through the network back into serial data for serial equipment.

With this product, it is possible to easily add an Ethernet networking function to a device that supports UART interface. The devices can be controlled via an Ethernet network - the Internet.