Wrongly labelled parts

Hi, recently ordered DFR-123 which has the wrong part number label was not correct, actually it was DFR-205, customer support suggested we ordered again which we did but unforunately the same parts was delivered DFR0205 in labeled packaging DFR0123. how can we get this resolved and get the correct parts DFR0123


This is an issue for our Customer Service Group.

Please send them an email and Include photos of the labels on the packaging the parts came in as well as the products received. Please be sure we can read all markings. Also include your customer number, invoice number, etc.

Once this is received we would be happy to take a look at it this and see what the appropriate next steps would be. I do hope this helps!

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Another thing you can do, is call the order in at 1-800-344-4539.
Explain the situation to the Sales Rep, and ask if the order can be double checked before shipping.
That should make them take another look, to be sure it is the correct item.

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Thank you will give this a try

Thanks will try this