Xilinx, KIT EVAL, EK-U1-KCU105-G


I purchased Xilinx, KIT EVAL, EK-U1-KCU105-G(122-1939-ND).
I would like to know how to use it.

I think that FPGA on the board, XC7Z010CLG225, controls the selection of
Interface, FPGA and SD Card slot. When the power is got ON, SD Card slot is set.
I know how to change it to FPGA by using UART through PC. But in my system,
there is no PC.
When the power got ON, I want to use the interface of FPGA without any
manual operation. I would like to change the interface, from SD card slot to
FPGA automatically when the power is got ON.

Is there any way to realize the above ?


I did speak with the Product Manager and this eval kit EK-U1-KCU105-G can only be programmed thru a PC. There is not a way to program it without the PC interface.


Hello GlendaC,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Thank you.

Kei Iiyama