Xilinx Spartan-7 non-RoHS part number

Digikey is showing this part as available:

The “FGA” (vs “FGGA”) in the part appears to mean non-RoHS (i.e. leaded) solder balls. Xilinx documentation isn’t clear on whether that is a valid option for Spartan-7, but FGGA definitely is the RoHS option. Most of these parts at DigiKey are FGGA, but this one part is in stock and is FGA.

But … the description farther down says it is RoHS3 (just like the FGGA part).

Can you confirm that the XC7S50-1FGA484I is a leaded part?



I would think it would be the leaded item.
However I had submitted an inquiry to verify.

We received an answer from the product specialist.
The second G would call out a Lead-Free product. Without the second G, it would not be lead-free.
So the FGA would be a leaded part, and FGGA is a Lead-Free part.