XL4015 PWM buck converter alternatives

The XL4015 PWM from XLSEMI is a popular step-down converter that we, unfortunately, do not carry. In this post, I will list a possible alternative and the differences it has.

The alternative we have in our system for XL4015 is AP1501A-K5G-13CT-ND.

Some advantages to this part are its wider input and output ranges of 4.5-40Vin, and 1.23-37Vout. This part also has the same current draw of 5A and the same package type.

Some differences to note are that the pin-out of the part is different and that the operating temperature is lower than the original part, -20°C ~ 85°C instead of -40°C ~ 125



Datasheet for AP1501A-K5G-13CT-ND, https://www.diodes.com/assets/Datasheets/products_inactive_data/AP1501A.pdf
Datasheet for XL4015, http://www.xlsemi.com/datasheet/XL4015%20datasheet.pdf