Yaesu FT-8800 Surge absorber diode

I am looking for a replacement for P6KA18 diode. I burned mine up putting 24v into my radio. It is a surge absorber as well as reverse polarity protector. I can work without it but then not protected. On a another note, I am looking for a data cable for the ft-8800 also.

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An alternate to this TVS diode is 112-P6KE18AHE3/54CT-ND.
It has the same ratings as the original part.
Please check the datasheet for compatibility.
We do not have any listing for a FT-8800 data cable in our system.

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That works, thank you very much.

Hello @kinring,

I was able to locate some photos of the cable. At the end of the cable, the cable connector end looks similar to a 6-position miniDIN male pin connector. Please look through these cable assembly options here and see if you can make any of those cables work as an alternative option.