Diode KVP79A

Achat diode KVP79A pour carte PCB disque dur Seagate ou diode équivalente

Hello gerard25 - welcome to the Forum!
I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to find any data on KVP79A, so I am not able to offer you an equivalent. If you have the specifications of the diode, please share them on the forum and I will try again. We would need at least these specificatioins: the diode type, reverse dc voltage, rectified current rating and package type.

KVP may represent a top mark on a TVS diode, such as TPSMB13A from Vishay. That particular part is probably hard to find, but SZP6SMB13AT3G would seem like a suitable replacement, if the above interpretation is correct.

Note that if a TVS diode has suffered visible damage, there is a very good chance that other devices in the circuit have been damaged also.