Zedboard boot stuck

I recently purchased Digilent,Inc. / 240-122 zedboard.

I am facing problems while booting the zedboard. I get the attached pic. but never boots it. Please help me out. I have followed word by word as given by the instruction.

Thanks for help

Hi @Rachna,

While in Tera Term, what happens if you type “boot” then enter? Does it get anywhere?

Please include the U-Boot log it error’s out…


Hello Robert,

It does not allow me to type. So either I just switch on or off and the dand loop follows.

Thanks and Regards
Rachn Singh

Please verify your Tera Term settings:


The error pic

Hello Robert,

Did you get a chance to look into this?


Hi @Rachna, Sorry i don’t personally have a ZedBoard. While researching this isssue, it looks to be corrupted boot image:


I’d recommend re-flash with a factory default image.



Than you Robert, I will look into it and let you know if it worked.