0010321021 Right Angle?

I’m looking for the part number for a right angled version.
Pitch = 5.08 its a 2 pin and I think this is the vertical equivalent, however I couldn’t find an angled one for some reason.
010321021_sd.pdf (131.0 KB)

Please check out part number 1744048-2

The back of the connector looks straight not curved. I don’t know if that will affect the fit.

Update, this connector fits, but it shouldn’t be used as a replacement due to it not fitting properly. It will work for my test rig.

Just to clarify you’re looking for the part that is on the board? The right angle header pins?
Not the connector with the wire that plugs into it right?

If so can you provide the part number of the free hanging connector you have in that picture?

The part is for the connector on the above photo, not this one. This was the mentioned part number 1744048-2 which is close but doesn’t fit properly. From what I could tell on the connector the numbering is MXJ 5197. I’ll include photos of the original connector that i’m looking for as well as the 90° connector.

I think I just answered my own question, I didn’t know that the 5197 was the “Family”. Is this normal to put the family on connectors?

Found the parts
0010013026_CRIMP_HOUSINGS-156696 (Power connector).pdf (33.3 KB)
0010321021_PCB_HEADERS-2864813 (Power port).pdf (29.5 KB)
Couldn’t find the right angle connector but this is the only one I found for the listed connector, its vertical.

Hi TechMonkey,

The right angle is from 5282-series, which is dead obsolete.

Cheers, heke

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