090 contacts for JAE MX34014SFA

Regarding 090 contacts for JAE MX34014SFA, see below product manager’s response:

"Please see below from JAE."

“This part is a little unusual method for compiling parts from different vendors. We only manufacture the 025 contacts that go in the socket housing. The larger 090 contacts need to be procured from a different vendor named Sumitomo. Below are the 090 contacts which would work in our connector.”

Sumitomo p/n’s:
Works with CHFUS 0.22
Works with AVSS0.3, AVS 0.5, CFHUS 0.35, CHFUS 0.5
Works with AVS 0.5, AV 1.25, CHFS 0.75, CHFU 1.5
Works with AVSS 2.0, AVS 2.0, HFSS 2.0

Since Sumitomo is a manufacturer we carry, we most likely are able to special order quote these contacts. Special order quotes typically take 3-5 business days to complete, manufacturer lead-time and minimum order quantity may apply.