1.5 Amp USB Charger Ref Design

Hello! I am looking for a 5 volt USB AC to DC charger design. TI and ST have good designs available but the hangup seems to be the availability of the flyback transformer. Any suggestions for a non-Power Delivery design with in stock digikey parts?


Hello DavidCarlin,
If you are looking for a finished product, like a wall mounted unit, we can search for that.
If you want to make your own, I will let one of the engineers answer, and help with your design.

Offline SMPS transformers are commonly sourced as custom items; They contain roughly 98.6% of the magic in a supply, and if a person’s going to be doing production at sufficient scale to justify jumping through the associated regulatory hoops, optimization of some sort is commonly desired.

That said there are some references such as TI’s SLUA700 for which example magnetics were created and put into stock, e.g. P/N 7508110151. Similar products can be found here.