Choosing a transformer by datasheet

Hello, we need transformer for our school project. It has to be flyback topology. We found a datasheet, but the exact model is no longer available on the market. We need to find another one with the same specifications. I am adding a pdf file with datasheet.
Thank you

Patrik Suc
CoreCoilformer1.pdf (10.8 kB)

Hello Patrik!

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It appears that this part is actually still available and in stock here at Digi-Key! Please see the link below for the part’s webpage. It appears the orderable part number is UCC28C44QDRQ1.

The document provided does not appear to be a “datasheet” per-se, but rather a recent output from TI’s Webench simulation tool containing suggested parameters for a custom-wound transformer, which are quite commonplace in power conversion circles. Providing that spec to the folks at the Wurth custom transformer shop should allow them to produce the device described, though perhaps at some cost.

A selection of pre-defined transformer configurations for offline flyback applications is listed on the Wurth site, and products of the type would be found in the switching converter transformer family at Digi-Key.