120v Momentary Switch


We have a solution that has a 120v pump wired to a momentary button for press/on release/off control the of the pump. We are looking for a remote controlled switch that can support 120v and is controlled by a small form-factor momentary button over RF (up to 100ft range). Smallest button possible and with a 2032 battery or similar.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

Welcome to the technical forum. I would look at something like this part number of 357-RADIOTRAP-4T1-ND on this link:

It seems it has momentary or latching functions. You can review this to see if it will work for your application.

Hi @dhogan

FOBLOQF-4S1-ND would also be a good option, as this has a small remote. This also arrives with receiver, momentary & latching feature, relay output contacts rated up to 5A @ 230Vac (higher current @ 120v), range up to 100 meters, and learn up to 7 (FOBLOQF-4T1-ND) Transmitters. You will need a 12 or 24Vdc supply to power the receiver. 2725-LM15-23B12-ND or 237-1453-ND would be an example supply you can use. Wire, Ferrules, & Spade Terminals would be optional accessories. Please make sure the pump does not pull more than recommended load current. KEELOQ® Series are also offered in higher channel options if more than one channel is preferred.

357-RADIOTRAP-4S1-ND would be the part number for Verna_1353 option but supplied with receiver.

Ryan, thank you. This is closer to our needs. I’ll get the power supply and receiver on order. I don’t suppose there is any programmable capability to set things like a max run time, etc? Use-case would be that we don’t want the momentary button to fail/fault and keep the pump running for more than 5 minutes. I can leverage other technologies for this, but less is more!

Hi dhogan,

Correct, no programmable capability on this model or other models we currently carry. 357-RADIOTRAP-4S1-ND as mentioned above does have an “acknowledgement feature” where an LED lights up on the remote indicating the relay has received the signal. Datasheet is listed here in case if you wanted to look this option over.

Here is a short video demonstrating the feedback operation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV60C_Sil68

I would suggest looking into time delay relays, like something in this general family. Look for one which has an “Off delay” capability, but which also will turn off immediately when the signal from the receiver turns off.

With such a function, it will normally turn on and off with the receiver’s signal, but it will also turn off after a defined time if the receiver signal remains on.

I haven’t yet identified a particular one which can do this yet, but it’s almost guaranteed that several can.

One very important question: What is the load current of your pump?

So, depending on your load current requirements, the following timer relays might meet your needs:

600XU-A-1-CU-ROHS 5A max load, use Function - “Interval (B)” mode


600DT-V2-CU 8A max load, use Function - “Interval (B)” mode

RTE-P1AF20 10A max load, use “B: Interval (power start)” mode 16A max load, use “DI: Interval” mode

Ha! I actually ordered that exact part 2 days ago. Should at least cover the “fail safe” portion (max run-time). Thank you for the help

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